What To Do When You Water Damage Your Phone


Many customers have been asking what to do when their phone is water damaged, so we are posting a quick tutorial on how to react when your device gets damaged by liquid, and what services can be offered.

To start, as soon as your device gets damaged by liquid, or you think liquid is still in the device, turn it off as soon as possible, and if the battery can be taken out, take it out now. The phone needs to dry out as soon as possible. There is a much greater chance of the phone being further damaged if the phone is on and has water in it.

Now that the device is shut off, it can be inserted and fully submerged into a bowl of rice and/or Silica Gel packs. You can keep the phone in the rice/silica until you’re confident the phone is dry, sometimes this can take a day or two, so be careful when trying to turn the phone on. Sometimes this is all it takes to get your phone back to normal working condition. If this was not successful, we offer a water damage treatment to the majority of smart phones. There is about a 50% success rate with this treatment depending on how bad the corrosion on the board. The treatment takes up to 3 hours, but sometimes when it is not fully successful, we like to let the device sit overnight and try a second treatment the following day. The standard pricing for this is 10$ if we can’t get it fixed, and 50$ if we can get it fixed. No appointment necessary! We are open 10-8 during the week and 12-4 on the weekend, our address is 299 northfield drive east, unit 16.

Thank you, feel free to call us at 519-729-1372 if you have any questions at all.