Maintenance of Your Cell Phone Battery


Do you have issues with your cellphone battery always dying? If you are experiencing shorter than expected battery life, you may find these tips very helpful to get the most out of your cell phone battery.

Tip 1:
Check your charger and make sure it is the correct amperage as your phone specifies. Using a high amperage charger may charge quicker, but with prolonged use it will damage the battery. This will cause premature battery failure. Using an underpowered charger is okay but it will charge slowly.

Tip 2:
Charging Style: Batteries have a limited amount of cycles they are designed for. Once the phone’s batteries are close to this point or has exceeded, the battery will begin to fail. Therefore, to improve battery longevity, charge the device less frequently. Try not to keep the charger in the phone when it is fully charged. This may also affect the battery life.

Tip 3:
Optimize Software: Make sure you close apps that are not being used to free up memory and processing power. Turn off processes when it is not in use, such as Bluetooth, Wifi, Location etc. Also, turn on Auto-Brightness to automatically dim your screen when possible to save power.

Tip 4:

Keep battery cool to maximize battery life. For example do not leave your phone in your car in the middle of winter and then quickly try to warm it up.

Tip 5:
If you’ve tried all the tips above and you are still having horrible battery life, stop by We-Lectronics to purchase quality batteries for an affordable price. There is a wide range of batteries models in stock. Feel free to stop by or call in for a free price quote.

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