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All Repairs Include Warranty. Nothing Beats a Peace of Mind.

WE can help you with :

  • Computer Repairs: Fix any issue you may be having with your computer. Fan replacement, water damage treatment, laptop screen repair etc.
  • Virus Removal: If your computer is acting up, we can help to optimize it, make it run faster and secure your information.
  • New Windows Installation (Reformat): Sometimes you need a fresh start. We can help you with a new MAC or Windows installation to start you off on a clean slate.
  • Data Backup and Recovery: We offer data backup and recovery services.
  • Upgrading Hardware (RAM, GPU ie.make it run faster): We can upgrade your computers hardware to make it run faster.
  • Computer Sales (New and Used, we can build one to meet your needs): Give us a shout today to see if we can help build you a computer or sell you a prebuild one.
  • Setup (NAS, Home Automation, Security Cameras): We can help setup your home or business IT hardware.
  • Mac Repairs: Doing iMac and Macbook servicing. Hardware upgrades, reformating, optimizations etc.